Declaration for confidentiality of personal data by Monea-2012 Ltd.

Declaration for confidentiality of personal data by Monea Manufacturing Ltd. with general regulation for the protection of private data – Regulation (EU) 2016/679

The present Declaration of privacy of personal data of Monea Manufacturing Ltd. aims to clear our practices regarding personal data, which we collect from you or for you on this website or through our applications, via e-mail, via written or verbal communication with us, when you visit one of our establishments or via some other source.
By using any of our products/services or by accepting the current Declaration, during our communication regarding any of our products or services, you agree with the collection and distribution of personal data as described in the following Declaration.

What type of personal data do we process?

In each of contact or communication with you, our customers, and by performing all aspects of our activity it is possible that we collect personal data. Those personal data and information may include:
Name, middle name, last name; PIN (Personal identification number); E-mail address; telephone number; a permanent and current address of residence; Username and password; billing information (credit card). Future preferences for communication. The Contact information of your friends, with whom you might want us to contact. Telephone numbers and records, when you call our service line. Information connected with the purchase and reception of products or services; passport number and date and place of issue; billing information such the number of the card you use to make payments, also all other types of information that we may need to issue invoices and payment account, connected with mobile payments, communications preferences and marketing; information for transportation vehicles, for which you are searching spare parts to purchase. Information presented for customer programs and during the opening of an account; other types of information you chose to give, or we can receive from you.

Based on what do we process your personal data?

The processing and use of your personal data are necessary for forming a contract for purchase and delivery of our products and services, in which you are an involved party.

For what are we going to use your personal data?

We use the information that we collect to be able to better respond to your questions or inquiries, to send products or information, to enroll you in prize-winning lottery, programs or promotional offers also trending special offers, depending on the type of preference you chose for receiving messages, we can send you e-mails or messages with information concerning our products and other content, we think might be interesting for you. We process payments for purchases or other services. after you have made an order with us, we use the information to send you an invoice via e-mail or by couriers that will deliver it to your address.
It is your responsibility to guarantee that you have given us the correct (the preferred) e-mails address or address of residence for contacting you.

Personal data we share.

To give you the expected level of quality of service, we might share your information with our contractors-suppliers of the products offered by us.

Personal data by children.

We do not intentionally collect personal data of people that are not of the legal age of 18. As a parent of legal supervisor do not allow your children to send any personal data without your permission.

Links to website and third-party services.

Our websites and social media pages may contain links to other websites and third-party services. Please take into consideration, that we do not take responsibility for collection, use, maintenance, share or disclosure of data or information to such third-parties. If you give information to those linked sites or third-parties, the rules and regulation of privacy of those sites and third-parties apply. We advise you the read the rules and regulations of the site you visit before you share any personal data.

Protection of your personal data.

Monea Manufacturing Ltd.will take measurements within the reasonable to (1) protect your personal data against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction and (2) maintain personal information accurate and up to date, as it is appropriate. We also demand from our contractors-suppliers, with whom we share personal information, to take reasonable measures and effort to ensure the security of your personal information. For online transactions, we use technologies within the reasonable boundaries to ensure the security of payment card number or any other kind of confidential personal information, they will be used only particular cases.

Your rights regarding your personal information.

If you are a customer of Monea Manufacturing Ltd. the information you have given us during registration can be accessed, offered or updated any time, when you enter
Within the applicable laws, you can be informed about the stored by us personal information, the request actualization, correction and/or deletion of your personal data. You have the right to withdraw your given consent for process and use of your personal data. We will make all the necessary actualizations and changes within the time frame, defined by law. To protect the confidentiality of your personal data, we can reply to those inquiries only via the e-mail address you used when you registered, or you have given us by other means. Please note if you want to make such inquiry you can make it by contacting

Storage of personal information.

We store your personal data for a period needed to meet our goals described in this Declaration unless a longer period for storage is needed or such is allowed by the applicable laws.
We will delete your personal information in the shortest term possible and in such manner, that they cannot be restored or reproduced.
If there exists personal data printed on sheets of paper, it shall be destroyed by a mechanical cutting to small pieces or burning the paper or some other mean, and if they are in the electronic form your personal data will be destroyed by technical means in order that it cannot be restored or reproduced.

Changes in the Declaration.

We can periodically change this Declaration. When we make significant changes in the current Declaration, we will post a link with the updated Declaration on the front page of our website, and if you registered for any of your products or services, we also we can inform you by means of the communication channel provided by you. You will be notified when this Declaration has been changed, by checking the link and date at the end of the Declaration. All changes to our Declaration will take effect when the changes are posted on our website. With the use of the site and/or any of our products and services and/or the acceptance of the updated Declaration after such changes have been made, you are accepting the current Declaration in use.

Contact us.

If you have any questions concerning this Declaration or the way Monea Manufacturing Ltd.process your personal data, you can contact us on or by mail address:
2700 Blagoevgrad, 16 “Sv. Dimitar Solunski” str, or by calling: 00359 875 170 617, 00359 73 830 988
As noted above, we can periodically change this Declaration. To help you follow the more significant changes, we will add a list of the history of the changes below, so that you can be aware of the changes made in our Declaration.

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